Modum Launched A New Desktop App!

The new app was released this month and is the latest addition to the MODsense app family and complements the mobile app.

The MODsense Desktop app is available for both OSX and Windows. With an intuitive design and super simple handling, you can now not only start but also read out your loggers directly from the app. Thanks to the default setting per logger and automatic shipment ID generation, the activation time per logger is less than 1 second. This speeds-up your commissioning process, making it even more efficient and saving you money and your team time.

The app also allows you to directly access the shipment history to check if your sensitive goods were transported in compliance with your regulatory requirements.


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Already a customer? Download the app in the MODsense Help Center, plug in your NFC reader and you are good to go!

Desktop App: 1.4.0