Modum Launches New Mobile App for Android and iOS

We keep learning from our customer’s experience in the field and made interacting with MODsense even easier and more accessible! This month we released our brand-new MODsense One Mobile App in the Google Play Store and now also in the Apple App Store, making it available for all common Android and iOS devices.

Thanks to the redesigned mobile app, MODsense users can send and receive shipments directly on their mobile device and in a simplified way. The new app is based on a single code source, which allows for updates to be pushed directly to both platforms, this way, every update is immediately available on both the Android and the iOS apps.

New functionalities include the possibility to access the history for every shipment directly from the app. You can also select a logger via NFC without having to scan the QR code. Another handy update is that you can enter the logger and shipment IDs manually, which is an advantage for special shipments or when the logger’s QR code is not visible.

With this new release the MODsense solution family is expanding to more platforms and it is easier than ever to monitor your temperature sensitive shipments.

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Get the MODsense One mobile App for Android or for iOS.