MODsense Release 28.01.2021

We have another exciting MODsense release ready for you!

This release includes changes such that users can be in multiple companies, are now able to start and read MODsense T loggers directly from the Dashboard via Bluetooth and can now configure default reasons for deviations for improved analysis of what issues arise in your supply chain.

Some of these feature are not enabled by default. If you are interested in learning more about them or having them enabled for you, please contact your account manager or use the contact form to schedule a demo and learn more! 

Summary of changes

Users can now be in multiple companies. Using the same account, you can now be in as many companies as you need to be. Your role is always company specific, i.e. you can be an admin in one company and only have auditing access in another(because of this new feature, the login flow changed slightly).


Use our web application to start and stop MODsense T loggers. Using Google Chrome and Chromium based Browsers (e.g. Microsoft Edge), you can now start and stop loggers directly from the dashboard! No need to download the mobile application or use the desktop application. 


Define default reasons for deviations. You can now configure and manage reasons for deviations that suit your company. If a deviation occurs, your users can select one of the pre-configured reasons from a drop down menu. Users can still add additional information via a comment. With this feature, you can improve insights into your supply chains and keep track of which issues arise most often and prioritize accordingly.


More improvements: Based on customer feedback, we have removed the initial setup and will replace it with a quick introduction soon. With this change, we also introduced two default shipment profiles (cold and ambient), which can be adjusted or deleted according to your needs.

Dashboard: 2.0.0
Backend: 4.3.0

Mobile App Release

  • Users who are part of multiple companies can switch between them
  • The history is not limited anymore and allows you now to scroll through all your shipments
  • If a logger with data will be used to start a new shipment, the existing data will be readout automatically.

Mobile App: 5.2.0

Desktop App Release

  • Users which are part of multiple companies can switch between them

Desktop App: 1.6.0