MODsense Release 07.07.2021

This latest release includes a new custom field drop-down option and the renaming of shipment related text to make the applications more universal for different monitoring cases.

Hope you enjoy!

Summary of changes

Custom Fields: New field format added. Users now have the ability to add a field format of drop-down to their custom fields. You will find this option in 'Configuration' -> 'Customization' -> 'Custom Fields' -> 'Add New Field' -> 'Field Format'.

'Shipment' renamed to 'Recording' and a few other text changes. Since our products are also being used for non-shipment related monitoring, such as asset monitoring, this wording is more applicable to all uses. These changes were made throughout the dashboard, mobile and desktop apps.

Renaming changes include:
Shipment -> Recording
Send/Receive -> Start/Stop
In Transit -> Active
Shipment ID -> ID


Additional small improvements and bug fixes are also included.

Dashboard: 2.5.2
Backend: 5.4.2
Mobile App: 5.13.13
Desktop App: 1.10.0