MODsense Release 31.03.2021

For this release, we have implemented several new features!

This includes an improved overview page (previously called deviations) with additional graphs, we introduced battery saving modes¹ for MODsense T devices which allow you to run recordings for > 1 year and you are now able to create templates for custom fields².

Summary of changes

Analytics graphs have been added to the overview page to provide users with a better understanding of what is going on with their company's shipments.

Battery saving mode¹
To increase the runtime of the MODsense T device, you now have the option to run the device in different power saving modes. This reduces the BLE advertising interval and allows a significantly longer usage with a minimal impact on the user experience. The settings are part of the shipment profile. Please note that this feature is only available for MODsense T devices with FW 1.13 and newer. 


Custom fileds templates²
To help you fill out the fields faster, you are now able to save templates for your reoccurring entries.


Additional small improvements and bug fixes are also included.

Dashboard: 2.2.0
Backend 5.1.0

¹ This feature will gradually be rolled out to all our customers. Please contact our support if you need immedate access to this feature. 
² Templates for custom fields are only available to customers that have access to custom fields.