Desktop App Release 3.12.2019

This release includes minor bug fixes and enhancements.

  • The error message that appears on the login page due to a lack of internet connectivity has been improved. In addition, a new warning message is shown if the application is not connected to the internet.
  • The warning message indicating that a logger was started while the desktop application was offline has been improved.
  • The logger clock is now checked on each activation of the logger via the MODsense desktop application to improve logger time accuracy.
  • When placing the logger on the NFC pad, the MODsense desktop application checks whether the shipment data of the previous shipment has been successfully transmitted to the system. If so, the logger can be activated. If the shipment data does not exist, the logger cannot be activated and an error message is displayed on the desktop application. This function prevents a possible loss of shipment data.
  • Bug fix: In one specific case, the desktop application did not show an error message if the logger could no longer be used.
  • Bug fix: Users were automatically logged out on desktop application restart.
  • Bug fix: Settings were reset on desktop application restart.

Desktop App: 1.2.1