Beyond Monitoring

A selection of our advanced solutions leveraging the trusted data we capture with MODsense.

Advanced Solutions

It's more than just about measuring your supply chain and technology.

Our love and expertise for new smart devices and digital platforms notwithstanding, we understand the importance of making sure that supply chain intelligence needs to realize tangible benefits in the business and logistics process landscape related to sensitive goods distribution.

That is why we focus on delivering solutions where process and technology fit seamlessly together, providing our customers with the insights and value they need on a day-to-day basis. As part of our approach, we take the time to understand your challenges, your process landscape and work together towards the best solution using the right technology modules. 

Save Packaging Costs While Keeping Risk Low

Active or passive temperature management systems are commonly used when shipping sensitive goods. However, such temperature management systems come with drawbacks in terms of operative handling and cost compared to standard packing materials.

What if using standard packaging would be sufficient based on favorable external temperature during shipment?

In collaboration with a client, we sampled more than 800 shipment routes across all regions of Switzerland during winter, to assess the potential for a risk-based approach to use conventional packaging for the shipment of medicinal products. We wanted to know how many shipments would not require full thermal insulation, but only reduced insulation or even none at all (standard packaging).

The results were astonishing. Taking a cold-chain shipment with a temperature band of 2 to 8 °C, we found that approximately 40% of these shipments had the potential for optimization.

To offer our client an operative optimization tool, we created a model to predict the package temperature during transit using machine learning and created a first demonstrator, the MODsight Packaging Selector.

Monitor with Room Mapping

Real-Time Temperature Data

Pharmaceutical and biological products require controlled environmental storage conditions to lower the risks of product degradation. Therefore, temperature and humidity controlled storage areas must be mapped to assess the environmental conditions that the products will be exposed to. Each measurement point in a room or a warehouse needs to be analyzed and consolidated into a report with the corresponding calibration certificate information. 

Data collected by MODsense loggers can automatically be read in a chosen time interval. The devices connect completely wirelessly - no need for manual handling.

  1. Create Mapping Plan: Mapping plans can be created from reusable templates, 3D plots can be imported from standard CAD files, measurement points can be defined in the application and are stored as part of the mapping plan.
  2. Execute Mapping: Once installed, the wireless MODsense loggers can be started remotely in the application. Measurement data is available in real-time and any failures can be detected immediately. Responsible personnel is notified by E-Mail or text message when a deviation occurs. In case of a corrective action, the test can be restarted immediately without the need to remove and replace data loggers.
  3. Compile Report: Once all steps of a mapping test are completed, the test can be stopped at the click of a button. The data from each measuring point is analyzed automatically and a heat map is generated. Mapping reports including logger calibration certificates can be created automatically using reusable templates.

Developed in cooperation with Chemgineering

End-to-End Tracking

What if you had full transparency on the status of goods, right down to article level? What if you had a solution that tracks goods as well as its conditions centrally but is flexible to deal with different transportation stages? And what if you could include customers in the process in a simple and accessible manner?

We Deliver Quality, Agile & Flexibly

Our mission is to work closely with our customers, because we know that not every problem can be fixed with a cookie cutter approach. For the first step, we will evaluate the suitable combination of MODsense products for your specific case. But unlike other companies, our work approach goes a step further. Together, we will find ways to expand MODsense to perfectly fit your needs.

We Innovate Using the Latest Technologies

Internet of Things

Smart sensing for a wide range of environmental conditions. The latest connectivity options enable seamless process integration and notifications. Cryptographically secure hardware ensures data authenticity and prevents data manipulation.


Monitored data is verified on the blockchain. Temperature parameters create a unique record in the smart contract for each recording, it is verified at readout to ensure data authenticity. Data integrity is ensured as datasets stored on the blockchain are immutable.

Artificial Intelligence

Self-learning models replace the manual modeling of recording scenarios with a large variety of feature sets. Machine learning methods facilitate high accuracy prediction and pattern recognition. Easily retrainable models adapt to changes in business scenarios.