Track & Monitor Your Sensitive Goods with MODsense

Ease of use, real-time information, zero-touch automation, leading security - all in a uniquely powerful combination and as integrated in your processes as you need.

Experience a New World of Supply Chain Steering and Quality Assurance

MODsense – Modum's award-winning temperature monitoring & tracking solution is a powerful and modular system to track your logistics fulfilment, assure product quality and prevent errors, tampering and waste.


What Our Users Like About MODsense

Quick and Intuitive Handling

Intuitive Setup in less than 10 minutes

Contactless Logger Interaction based on Barcode Scan

Automated Read-out through Packaging

Global Real-time & Role-Based Alerting at Time of Read-out

Integrated Deviation Management

Multi-Use Devices

Pharma Qualified (GxP, FDA, WHO PQS)

Blockchain-Based Data Integrity (on demand)

IATA Compliance

Scalable and Modular Solution

Zero-Touch Automated Readout and Release Process (Optional)

Integration in Existing ERP (Optional)

Integration with Logistic Providers such as Swiss Post (Optional)


Saving you time and money

MODsense combines ease-of-use with security, minimizing handling efforts in both the physical and the digital world, preventing errors through great and role-based user experiences and pro-actively informing about deviations as real-time as you need it. Find out what level or real-time suits you most.


Delivering trusted data at the right time

It is all about the right time to data that you can trust. MODsense ensures end-to-end data authenticity and security and offers the right flavour of real-time you need. Discover how this new mindset makes a true difference in your supply chain.

Designed for your people and processes

The modular system for milestone-based or continuous real-time monitoring put your processes and users at the center of our solution designs. Discover how MODsense redefines ease of use.

Powered by modern and scalable technologies

MODsense combines real-time connectivity of IoT-devices, AI-based process automation and and blockchain-powered data integrity in truly value adding ways. And it is built with full flexibly in mind to deliver this value into the IT workflows you use today. Leverage the full business value of the data you collect.

Experience it in just 30 minutes

MODsense is designed to start quick and simple. Reserve 30 minutes in your calendar to experience your first MODsense recording and learn how great it feels working with us.

A Quick Introduction to MODsense

MODsense is built to be flexible, intuitive and easy to use - while adhering to the strictest regulatory requirements.

In the simplest setup - MODsense is experienced with your smartphone and our MODsense T device.

Compare MODsense to Traditional Monitoring Systems



Traditional USB  Systems

Real-Time Systems

Recording Monitoring Dashboard


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User Management


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Blockchain-Based Data Security


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Wireless Connectivity


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Scalable Last-Mile Solution


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Usability Focused


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Applications Included


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Validated & digital reports


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A Simple Yet Smart Solution, Saving You Time and Money

Ideal for secondary distribution or clinical trials as well as unplanned, immediate monitoring needs. MODsense allows you to monitor any amount of recordings at your fingertips in a cost-effective and simple manner – anytime and anywhere!

Uncompromising Quality

MODsense is qualified and validated according to latest industry standards and ready for your use case. We have hands-on quality know-how and will support you to validate MODsense in your application.

  • CE-Conformity / FCC Conformity
  • EN 12830:2018 / WELMEC 7.2
  • Airline Approved (IATA / RTCA/DO-160)
  • FDA 21 CRF Part 11 / EU GMP Annex 11 / GDP
  • NIST-traceable sensor calibration

Integration Options


Integrate recording and event data into your existing applications into your own system using our REST API - or talk to us for custom push configurations and MQTT integrations.


MODsense supports integration into your existing ERP systems - such as SAP and Oracle via Cloud Connector - and minimize application switches and data inconsistencies.

Mobile Applications

Leverage your existing Android or iOS Apps to start, configure or read loggers - no need to invest into expensive new hardware or train your users to use new apps.

Identity Provider

Our applications are SSO enabled - talk to us to connect your own identity provider and do not worry about manual user management.

The Right Combination for Your Challenge

MODsense is a highly flexible system. Combine different MODsense products to get the most suitable solution for your use case. The following scenarios are just a few of many, demonstrating how MODsense can be combined for a various cases.


Warehouse to Warehouse Distribution

Shipments between production sites and distribution sites

Direct to Point of Dispense Distribution

Shipping direct to points of dispence for specialty products and clinical trials

National, last mile distribution

National distribution to clinics, pharmacies, doctors or consumers

Fridge & Warehouse Monitoring

Monitoring of stationary fridges and rooms or intra-logistic transports

MODsense Dashboard




MODsense Desktop App




MODsense Mobile App




MODsense T Logger




MODsense Gateway




MODsense Real-Time Logger




Interested to Learn More?

Test MODsense for yourself. Order an Evaluation Kit today and monitor your first recording with MODsense or book a demo and we will find a custom solution for you.