Warehouse Temperature  Mapping as a Service (TMaaS)

Modum’s next generation monitoring, automation and optimization solutions help you to drastically reduce time and cost of temperature measurement and report compilation. Chemgineering and Modum joined forces to create a platform that simplifies and automates temperature mapping studies. 
inside of pharma storage facility warehouse

The Challenge

Pharmaceutical and biological products require controlled environmental storage conditions to mitigate the risks of product degradation. Thus, temperature-controlled storage areas must be temperature-mapped to assess the environmental conditions that the products will be exposed to. Until this has been done, it is not safe to store time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products (TTSPPs) in such areas. 

Each measurement point in a warehouse needs to be analyzed and consolidated into a report with the corresponding calibration certificate information. After conducting the mapping study, the challenge remains that the results are only accessible after reading out the data from the loggers, which often requires physically accessing them. In case the room failed, the whole mapping study needs to be repeated after having completed the necessary rectifications, resulting in the loss of time and money. 

Picture 1_0

Fig. 1: Traditional temperature mapping process vs. simplified temperature mapping process with Chemgineering’s and Modum’s TMaaS solution

The Solution

Chemgineering and Modum joined forces to create a platform for automating the most time-consuming and tedious steps in temperature mapping studies. Chemgineering adds their long standing experience in qualification of pharmaceutical facilities (GMP) and validation of computer systems (GAMP), while Modum contributes their next-generation condition monitoring platform and knowledge in supply chain automation to the cooperation. The solution supports GxP professionals in all steps of a mapping study: 

1) Create Mapping Plan

create mapping plan_0-1
Mapping plans can be created from reusable templates, 3D plots can be imported from standard CAD files, measurement points can be defined in the application and are stored as part of the mapping plan. 

2) Execute Mapping 

execute mapping  _0-1
Once installed, the wireless MODsense data loggers can be started remotely in the application. Measurement data is available in real-time and any failures can be detected immediately. Responsible personnel is notified by E-Mail or text message when a deviation occurs. In case of a corrective action, the test can be restarted immediately without the need to remove and replace data loggers. 

3) Compile Report

Compile Report_1-1

Once all steps of a mapping test are completed, the test can be stopped at the click of a button. The data from each measuring point is analyzed automatically and a heat map is generated. Mapping reports including logger calibration certificates can be created automatically using reusable templates.

The Key Customer Benefits

  • Significantly shorter project duration
  • Reduced mapping costs, determined upfront
  • High data quality and blockchain- guaranteed data integrity
  • Re-usable mapping templates for future studies 

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