Roambee Acquires Modum's Condition Monitoring Division

Today Roambee announced its acquisition of our company. We couldn’t be more excited for Modum and Roambee to join forces. With our joint expertise, we can expand our leading role in delivering innovative supply chain steering solutions to our customers, under one brand. Together we will be able to better than ever, track & monitor highly regulated goods globally and from end-to-end. From component sourcing via storage and last mile distribution all the way to the consumer.

For Modum and its investors, merging with Roambee as a player with a proven global market footprint and having proven its business in the distribution segment in Europe, is a unique opportunity to accelerate scale up. Both companies are leaders in modern supply chain visibility but have pursued different strategies in the past. Roambee is mostly active in global distribution, real-time and logistics in the less regulated non-pharma sector, and Modum has so far successfully focused on the last mile and highly integrated distribution of sensitive goods. Given the strong need for global, end-to-end real-time visiblity with a high degree of process automation, joining forces of these two complementary companies results in a leading powerhouse.

In particular, Modum’s capability to develop and operate solutions that are validated to comply with pharma quality requirements will help Roambee to strengthen their position in this highly regulated industry.

We look forward to working with the Roambee team to accomplish our shared mission of offering a unique value add – based on trusted real-time data – through a combination of visibility, proactiveness and process automation for the supply chain management of our customers.

Together we have the fantastic opportunity to drastically increase capabilities in global tracking & monitoring, increase our market and global footprint, and extend the revenue base in this highly competitive market.

Thank you for your support and trust over the past years!

Stay healthy and best regards
Simon Dössegger & Sacha Uhlmann


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