Provenance & Transparency in the Chain

Over the last years, being able to transparently verify authenticity and trace the source of products has grown in importance due to the increase of consumers that care about the provenance of their purchases. In addition, producers and regulators have put more emphasis than ever on tackling counterfeit on a global scale and driving sustainability throughout the supply chain. This development has been further accelerated now than perhaps ever before thanks to technologies enabling transparency of product supply chains.

Provenance is an important element of Modum’s goal to enable a true decentralized supply chain ecosystem for monitoring sensitive goods as they move from producer to consumer.
Join us in Davos during #WEF20 week on Thursday, 23 January from 14:45-17:00 hrs at the fabulous Intercontinental Hotel and gain key insights from various industries on the relevance and the different approaches currently used to tackle this hot topic.
Insightful Keynotes and Exciting Panel Discussions
The agenda is packed with powerful content! Marc Degen, co-Founder of Modum, ProofX and Trust Square will share his thoughts on “Where to start with traceability”. Tobias Peltenburg, Chief Operations Officer from Modum, together with Jacqueline Klaiss Brons, Senior Management Consultant at GS1 Switzerland will jointly deliver a keynote about “The needs of interoperable standards”.
And Sacha Uhlmann, our Chief Product Officer, joins the Roundtable and Q&A Session!

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