Modum Contributes in the Fight Against COVID-19

Today more than ever, it is important that temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and test samples do not suffer any damage during transport and that quality deviations can be identified before the products are used. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing immense strain also on regional and local supply chains, in particular through the rise of home deliveries, we feel that our MODsense One temperature monitoring solution can contribute to easily monitor sensitive shipments remotely with little to no deployment effort.

With social distancing and staying at home being the new status quo, enabling home deliveries of medicinal goods to those in need is only one part of the story. For example, by empowering potentially infected people to collect body samples at home and send them safely to the respective institutions for testing, the risk of further infections through contact can be kept low while at the same time reducing the burden of sick people having to travel. According to WHO guidelines [1], sample shipments are temperature sensitive and should be monitored as unnoticed deviations could have an impact on the outcome of the COVID-19 tests.

For Simon Dössegger, Modum’s CEO, the current situation needs an all-hands-on-deck mentality and he sees Modum as being able to contribute to solve current supply chain challenges: “This pandemic is a historical challenge to our society and our healthcare system and the Pharma industry in particular. We believe that every possible support to tackle these challenges is now valuable. Seeing how Pharma distributors are struggling to keep up with high demand and how other logistics service providers are trying to support this, we believe that we can do our part by providing MODsense One as an instantly deployable way to ensure Pharma product integrity in such ad hoc medicinal product supply chains in the easiest way possible, particularly in the secondary supply chain and Last Mile.”

Why MODsense One can contribute to the current supply chain challenge
The answer is as simple as the solution: all you need is internet access, a smart phone and our IoT data loggers – and therein lies the beauty of MODsense One, as both internet access as well as smart phones are broadly available in every household today. Empowering recipients, even patients at home, to easily extract the data on shipment arrival without having to connect to a computer and manually extract the data through complicated software saves time and reduces the risk of human errors. After the automated read-out, the measurement data is immediately available for access online. More importantly, you only need to analyze the data if you receive a deviation notification, ultimately resulting in time saved for more important tasks.

Carl Spörri, Modum’s CMO, is convinced that MODsense One can support supply chains in these difficult times: “MODsense One is sophistication made simple and can cater to the current unprecedented situation. We hope to support those responsible for medical supply distribution, clinical trials or conducting COVID-19 tests in the last stages of the supply chain to manage ad-hoc monitoring challenges due to increased demand, new logistic partners or unqualified routes. To make MODsense One more accessible for those who could benefit today, we have launched a subscription package with a significant price reduction combined with a minimal duration commitment of only one month. We have also fast-tracked the launch of our webshop to simplify purchasing for customers.”

He admits that this is a small drop in the proverbial ocean we are all facing but is convinced every contribution is valuable. “Every little bit counts. I believe that with companies or individuals contributing as best they can, the sum of all our efforts can make a difference.”

If you are currently facing temperature monitoring challenges and are looking for a smart yet simple solution for immediate use, check out our special package. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – we are here to support you!