MODsense Release 15.06.2021

The latest release provides you with a better overview of deviations and battery level in the shipment list and gives you the possibility to set a custom threshold value for low battery warnings.

Summary of changes

Deviations and battery level in the shipment list. Do you want to see if a shipment ever had a deviation? No matter what status it is in at the moment? Deviations are now visible for each shipment (if applicable). You will also be able to see the latest battery level for each shipment (if the logger was read). You can adjust the columns to your preference by clicking on the settings icon next to the 'Clear Filters' text.

Set a custom threshold for the low battery warning.1 You can now choose which battery level you would like to get low battery warnings (triggered before starting a logger or on intermediate readout). You can find this setting in the Shipment Profile > Advanced Settings > Logger Battery.


Additional small improvements and bug fixes are also included.

Dashboard: 2.4.1
Backend: 5.3.3
Mobile App: 5.13.10
Desktop App: 1.9.0

1Please ask our customer support to activate this feature for you.