Dashboard Release 21.10.2020

In this release we improved authentication support which unifies the user account over productive environments and adds support for enterprise SSO. By popular demand, we also improved the process of marking shipments as compliant/non-compliant by adding a verification pin option.

Previously the process to verify the identity again when marking a shipment as compliant/non-compliant could not be turned off. The usability has now been improved for users that do not have this requirement.

  1. By default, we will disable this feature for companies on Trial and will consult with company admins for settings on Production. Please reach out to us if we should enable or disable this feature for you.
  2. Instead of using your username and password, we have introduced the concept of a PIN for releasing shipments. This further increases compliance with FDA regulations and improves the user experience. You can set your verification PIN in your settings or configure it the first time you need it.

Summary of changes

  • Verifying the identity on releasing shipments can now be enabled/disabled on a company level
  • Using PIN instead of username/password for releasing shipments
  • Minor changes in user management, e.g. how to reset your own password and visual changes to the reset password page
  • Minor bug fixes such as text encoding issues

Dashboard: 1.10
Backend:  3.0