Dashboard Release 12.01.2021

Do you want to automatically stop loggers which have been recording for more  than 7 days? Or stop loggers which have been running for longer than 12 hours but only if they have already been seen in a different warehouse? For all other shipments, you want the latest data while the loggers keep recording? We've got you covered! 

The logger data gathered by the gateway will then be displayed on the shipment detail page. In addition to temperature measurements, a comprehensive list of which gateways the logger has been seen by and when, will be shown in the new ‘Gateways’ section. With these improvements, the tracking of a shipment can be easily followed.

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Summary of changes

  • Introduced partial shipment data support in our web applications
  • Improved flexibility of which gateways shall stop which loggers when
  • Introduced separate 'Gateways' box in the shipment details page, to allow for improved tracking & tracing of a shipment's journey*
  • Improved and simplified shipment events
  • Improvements to audit log for enhanced readability
  • Added who started/stopped a shipment in the shipment information box at the top of the shipment detail page
  • Also added 'last transmission' info and the option to display this column in the shipment list page

* this is only visible once the shipment has been seen by a gateway

Dashboard: 1.13.0
Backend: 4.2.0