Dashboard Release 10.12.2020

In this release we've improved the shipment profiles page and now allow editing! 

Creating Shipment Profiles Made Easy

We've simplified the shipment profiles by adding sliders and moved certain items to an expandable 'Advanced Settings' section. This will make it easier for you to set the parameters for your shipment (functionality stays the same).

Edit and Delete Existing Shipment Profiles

The MODsense dashboard allows you to now edit or delete existing shipment profiles. Previous shipments will not be

affected by any changes and will keep the old parameters of the chosen shipment profile. All changes will be listed in the 'History' section on the bottom of the shipment profile page. This list includes version numbers and users that executed the changes. In the shipment list, you can show/hide the 'Profile Version' column to easily see which version was used for your shipment.

HubSpot Video

Summary of changes

  • New shipment profile creation page
  • Shipment profiles can now be edited (this includes versioning)
  • Shipment List has the option to display shipment profile version column
  • Improved order of configuration sub menu items
  • Links to App Store/Play Store and Help Center added to the bottom of all pages

Dashboard: 1.11.0
Backend:  4.0.1