MODday 2019 Program Details, Speakers and Panelists


MODday 2019 Program Details, Speakers and Panelists

Inside Modum

October 30, 2019

At this year’s MODday we will not only show what future proof solutions we are working on and based on the experience we gathered through discussions with customers where we see the industry going. Our partners will showcase some packaging solutions they are working on – including our hardware.

We gathered the leading minds in our ecosystem, our three keynote speakers will share their perspective on the digitalization of the supply chain and the distribution of sensitive goods: its pain points, how they solve(d) them, and their opinion on where the industry should be headed in general.

Program, 27 November 2019

16:30 Doors open
17:00 Welcome by Simon Dössegger
17:15 Keynotes 
18:30 Panel Discussion 
19:00 Solution Demonstrations, Networking, Flying Dinner
21:30 End of MODday 2019


Keynote Speakers

Daniel Fritz & Marco Cuomo
Dan is the Supply Chain Domain Architect at Novartis, responsible for the architecture, vision and selection of emerging technologies which will transform the business. He has 25 years of leadership and supply chain IT experience from working in the US Military, IT consulting, and in Novartis pharmaceutical manufacturing and global supply organizations and systems. Check out his LinkedIn profile.

Marco is an Applied Technology Innovation Manager, responsible for exploring, engineering and implementing new technologies such as Blockchain, IoT and API management. He has been with Novartis since 2005. For the last two years, his focus has been on Blockchain and exploring various use cases for Pharma. He began his career as a programmer in 1988 and has held various positions of increasing responsibilities in software development, engineering, operations, service management and solution design. Check out his LinkedIn profile.

Alan Kennedy: Alan is Executive Director at Team Poseidon and has the full-time role of overseeing the execution of Poseidon's agenda and managing its day-to-day business. Team Poseidon harnesses and hones the collaborative skills that have been so successfully employed in other industry sectors, to bring together the industry’s most enlightened and forward-thinking organizations in order to develop and implement a ground-breaking global pharma sea-freight service. Check out his LinkedIn profile.

Torsten Zube: Torsten heads the SAP Innovation Center Network (ICN), a group of development teams in the most important tech hubs worldwide. The purpose of the ICN is to make emerging technologies actionable in order to turn the social and economic challenges of tomorrow into real opportunities for enterprises today. The unit drives collaborations with leading research institutes as well as market exploration with key customers and co-innovation partners. Check out his LinkedIn profile.


Panel Discussion

After the keynotes our panelists will further discuss what the challenges in a digitalized supply chain are, each one sharing his opinion from his specific industry point of view. See below who sits on our diverse panel:

Pascal Degen, Vice President Supply Chain Management, Bachem AG, and Modum Board Member (Moderator). Check out his LinkedIn profile.

Karine Doan, Professor of Supply Chain Management, HEG Arc. Check out her LinkedIn profile

René Fitterer, Chief Technology Officer, SAP. Check out his LinkedIn profile.

Davide Gallo, Senior Manager Business Development Machine Learning and AI, AWS. Check out his LinkedIn profile.

Luca Graf, Head of Digital Innovation, DSV Panalpina. Check out his LinkedIn profile.

Anna Loginova, Global Quality for Supply Chain & Affiliates Distribution, Roche Pharma. Check out her LinkedIn profile.

Joachim Schuppe, Head Operations, Galexis. Check out his LinkedIn profile. 

Sacha Uhlmann, Chief Product Officer, Modum. Check out his LinkedIn profile.

The event concludes with the demonstrations of our solutions, time for networking and a flying dinner.