Read all about our ICO, our Token Swap and our acquisition by Roambee

Roambee aquires Modum

On 1 June 2021, it was announced that Silicon Valley based Roambee has aquired Switzerland based Modum. 

With our joint expertise, we can expand our leading role in delivering innovative supply chain steering solutions to our customers, under one brand. Together we will be able to better than ever, track & monitor highly regulated goods globally and from end-to-end. From component sourcing via storage and last mile distribution all the way to the consumer.

You can read what this means for your participation certificates below in our FAQ. 



Who is Roambee?

What happens to AG?

What does this mean for my investment in Modum?

I still own MOD tokens, what should I do?

Does this dilute my investment in Modum?

Can I sell my PC?

Am I now a Participation Certificate holder in Roambee?

Will the Modum Webpage be shut down?

Will my assets be counted as US investment and what are the tax implications?

What happens to my participation certificates?

What happens to the Modum customers?

Who can I get in touch with if I have a question regarding my MOD tokens?

What happens to the Modum team?

What happens to MODsense and other solutions?

Who can I get in touch with if I have a question regarding my Participation Certificates?


In 2017, we created the MOD token and offered it to investors during Modum’s token sale from 1-22 September 2017, raising funds to further develop its products. 

The successful ICO allowed Modum to grow the team and the solution scope and to forge as strong community.

Two years after the ICO, the regulations around the different types of tokens changed, trading volumes dropped, resulting in an unsatisfactory situation for all stakeholders. Modum was forced to find a new solution for the future of the MOD token. After careful evaluation of options, the solution of offering a token swap was found.
In June 2020, the Board of Directors of AG signed off on the Token Swap proposal for its MOD tokenholders. The Token Swap offer included the possibility to opt for a monetary compensation per token or to swap against participation certificates with the addition of a guaranteed cash payout.

The official swap period ended in August 2020. Tokenholders who did not participate in the swap, can for the next ten years claim compensation for their MOD tokens -  as outlined below. 


Compensation for MOD

As announced on 30 October 2020, tokenholders can ask for compensation for their MOD tokens. 

In order to claim compensation for your MOD tokens, you need to self-onboard in the dedicated token app, and send your tokens to your personal burn address. 

Compensation payments are made at least quarterly and in USDT. The compensation payment is set to USDT 0.24 per burned MOD token. You can read the full Token Terms directly in the app after successful ID verification. 


How to claim compensation:

As an iOS user you can access the Token App via Testflight. First, download Testflight in the App Store. Then click on the Token App download link on your iPhone to install the app – and you are good to go. If you already have Testflight on your device, you can directly click on the Token App download link. 

Android users can download the Token App directly through the Google Play Store.

Before you get started, make sure that you have your passport/id card/driver’s license and your ERC20 wallet address ready. Then, follow the steps in the Token App. 

If you have any difficulties with the Token App, please reach out to the service desk.


Why do I have to go through a KYC?

Where can I download the app?

Where can I get support if the token app does not work?

How do I get my payout?

When do I receive the payment?

I did not receive the payment yet!

Why are you making the compensation payment in USDT?


Participation Certificates

Participation certificates where offered during the MOD token swap in summer 2020. 

We have mandated Devigus - an authorized clearing house partner of SIX SIS AG (SIX Group) - to keep the participation certificate register, Devigus will also confirm your number of allocated participation certificates in writing (paper!).

If you have questions about your participation certificates, please reach out to us by email.


1. Where are my Participation Certificates?

2. Can I trade my Participation Certificates?

3. I want to transfer my Participation Certificates to my own bank deposit, how does it work?

4. How can I keep myself informed about the company progress?

5. How do I claim the withholding tax on the dividend payment?

6. When do I receive the custody account statement of my certificates?

7. When do I receive my USD or USDT payments?

8. What happens to the Telegram channels?

9. How can I transfer my Participation Certificates to someone else (sell/gift)?

10. I want to sell my Participation Certificates; how can I find a buyer?

11. I want to buy Participation Certificates, where can I find a seller?

12. How much is a Participation Certificate worth?

13. Why do I have to use your template for the OTC sales process?

14. I want to transfer my participation certificates, where can I find the form?

15. Why does the Board of Directors have to approve every Participation Certificate Transfer?

16. Are there any nationalities or countries that are excluded from selling/buying Participation Certificates?