We Are Modum

An agile & reliable partner

Modum was founded in 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs and experts in process innovation,  digitalization and pharma logistics with the goal to digitalize supply chains of sensitive goods with the help of modern technology. 

Modum focuses on the interoperability of systems and on governance of information exchange. 

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mid 2021

After the sale Modum's tracking & monitoring division by Roambee, we will focus completely on interoperability from mid-2021 - initially in the construction industry.

The acquisition

Silicon Valley based Roambee acquires the tracking & monitoring division from Modum. Most of the team joins the on-demand goods and asset monitoring provider. 

Next Generation


While the MODsense solution is available off the shelf, we keep on engineering the future of smart supply chains, so that our customers get full end-to-end visibility, from manufacturer to patient and in real-time!  



Modum went international and soon created first customer demand in Europe, South East Asia and the US.


The Recognition

2018 / 2019

MODsense was widely recognized and Modum was honored by receiving the Digital Economy Award and being featured as Gartner's Cool Vendor in Blockchain Technology!  

The Launch

2018 / 2019

The first market ready solution, MODsense, was developed and became commercially available in late 2018.

The Fundraising

September 2017

After a traditional seed round, Modum did a successful ICO in 2017 raising funds to develop and market a pharma-grade solution.

The Couch

Early 2016

The idea to combine IoT sensors and blockchain technology (DLT) to automate the monitoring of pharmaceuticals compliant with recently extended GDP regulations was born and validated together with UZH's Communications Systems Group. Shortly after modum.io AG was incorporated. Work started out of a tiny office in Zurich's Technopark on a couch salvaged from garbage. 



Our Success Stories


Zur Rose

With a drive to identify areas for further improving their supply chain operations, Zur Rose recognizes the simplicity and effectiveness of MODsense to deliver the data basis and insights needed to support optimizing their distribution operations at a reasonable cost, without comprising their high standards for quality.


"Modum's solution is remarkable because it integrates easily into our existing processes and makes reliable data collection flexible and highly user-friendly. MODsense helps us to optimize our distribution processes. In my opinion it is a very promising solution to comply with existing and future regulatory requirements."

Joachim Manns



Modum supports Chemgineering in developing a platform that simplifies and automates mapping studies required for the certification of warehouse rooms designed for sensitive goods storage. The solution reduces time to data, handling effort and thereby the overall cost of compliance, while at the same time providing additional insights through data analytics.


"In our collaboration with Modum to develop a new Room-Mapping-as-a-Service for our customers, we were deeply impressed by their commitment and speed. Thanks to Modum, we could launch an initial version of the product and showcase to customers in just six weeks!"

Silke Eisel-Schröder


Puregene AG

In September 2019 the first live Cannabis sativa (Industrial Hemp) plants were legally imported to the United States from Switzerland and condition-monitored using Modum’s MODsense monitoring solution. Puregene relies on Modum for simple and digital monitoring solutions for shipping Cannabis seedlings and uses the gathered insights for improvement and optimization, for example in packaging. 

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"Digital simplicity - this is why I love Modum’s monitoring solution, which not only tracks the critical temperatures of our shipments but also how long they take to complete and whether the packages have been tampered with - all critical information if you are shipping live, valuable and regulated plant material."

Dr. Gavin Mager George


Schaer Pharma

To increase visibility and identify deviations without relying on their carriers, Schaer Pharma deploys MODsense over their wholesaler distribution network. With MODsense gateways installed at selected wholesalers, Schaer Pharma can further enhance automation with touch-less readout at lower costs than using real-time solutions.


"What I like about the MODsense solution is the ease-of-use when commissioning shipments as well as the simple and immediate access to measurement data – we have gained a new level of visibility regarding the conditions of our goods during transport. In addition, the Modum team is driven to get things done, putting an emphasis on finding solutions are pragmatic and simple to introduce into our existing process landscape."

Daniel Fiechter


Sarna Plastec AG

As part of their testing procedures in the development of thermal box solutions, Sarna Plastec benefits from MODsense’s accuracy and reliability coupled from the ability to easily read-out and process measurement data without having to physically attach the device to a computer. Measurement data of different loggers are digitally paired with test series ID, making manual testing lists a thing of the past.

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"MODsense is a great tool to develop, test and validate new ThermoBoxes."

André Strasser


Swiss Post

With MODsense fully integrated into their systems, Swiss Post can offer their customers a temperature monitoring solution for the secondary distribution and Last Mile at a low cost while providing their 15’000 postwomen and -men a simple means of acquiring measurement data without significant process changes.

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"To stay ahead of the game, Swiss Post partners with start-ups – including Modum. Based on the principle that everyone does what they are good at, our Thermomonitoring solution was developed from this close cooperation. And this to the great benefit of our customers. Thank you Modum!"

Marc Mahler



By integrating our MODsense into ORCA M thermal box of Intelsius, their customers benefit from an automated and simple multi-use temperature monitoring solution for the secondary and Last Mile distribution of sensitive goods. With increased visibility and reduced manual effort, quality control is enhanced at a lower Total Cost of Ownership, while increasing customer satisfaction.

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Our Culture

We are an ambitious company, an outstanding team of brilliant talents with an open, transparent, and inclusive team culture. We are dedicated to providing an inspiring working environment and encourage everyone to voice their innovative ideas.

Each of us is working on stimulating, challenging, and diverse projects and tasks with lots of autonomy and the appropriate level of support.

Lastly, in order to stay productive and happy, we continually reevaluate our tools and processes and find solutions together as a team.


Collaborating with Industry Leaders

We collaborate with Industry, Academic, and Technology leaders to create integrated solutions, champion research, and innovation and build exceptional products by using cutting-edge technology.




GS1 Switzerland provides solutions for more efficient value networks using global standards. They help companies optimize the flow of goods, information and value and share practical knowledge with them. Together with their members, they devise standards and process recommendations and create benefits for everyone involved. GS1 Switzerland is a neutral association based in Bern and forms part of GS1, a not-for-profit organisation active in 140 countries.

Poseidon Partner Logo

Formed in 2018, the Poseidon network is a best in class community of progressive pharmaceutical companies and logistics providers that has come together with the collective goal of reforming the pharmaceutical logistics process which, in addition to a poor performance record, is facing mounting cost pressures, growing regulatory oversight, and increasing concerns about the sustainability of current practices.


Modum and Horváth & Partners collaborate to improve supply chain steering capabilities, thereby minimizing supply chain risks with the use of cutting-edge technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.


InterLog Management (ILM) is a specialist in logistics consulting and supply chain strategy development. Jointly, ILM and Modum offer supply chain design complete with cutting edge monitoring solutions.  

Member of AIPIA

AIPIA's mission is to promote the commercial applications of Active & Intelligent Packaging solutions. AIPIA believes that implementation of new technologies in packaging is key to growth, secures protection, enhanced efficiency, reduce waste and gain control in sales at end-user level.


IMUB AG is part of  the project initiative and helps driving the interconnected ecosystem.




MODsense is built on SAP cloud and uses SAP Blockchain services. Modum and SAP are currently collaborating under a PartnerEdge Build Partnership. Additionally, Modum is working with SAP's Co-Innovation Labs (COIL), which provides a supporting network between SAP, partners, and customers for project-based solutions.


Modum is an Advanced AWS Technology Partner and leverages AWS in its solutions to drive user adoption, scalability and innovation.

vario_systems rs colour

Variosystems produces Modum’s circuit boards to the highest standards of Swiss quality. They work hand-in-hand with Modum’s engineers to rigorously test and ensure the quality of our product.


University of Zurich RS colour-1

Modum was founded through a partnership with the University of Zurich’s Communication Systems Group. Our close collaboration began with proof of concepts, leading to pilot projects and a joint project funded by the Commission for Technology and Innovation.


Modum works with the Institute for Supply Chain Management on a regular basis to contribute applied experience and gain insight from the school. Together we are currently developing a Commission for Technology and Innovation project.


Modum works with FHNW's Institute digital construction.